Qwertyuiop. .: new chapter begins ▪▪

new chapter begins ▪▪


Dear heartbeat,

After almost 2years being a such heartbroken girl,there is someone who suddenly comes into my lifeless life. He make my life bright again. I just dont know what I should do. Why I should feel that feeling. I feel something special & different & everything is going fine when im with him. Sometimes, Im afraid that He will just be like a normal friend, perasaan singgah or a person who I just need when Im lonely.

After a few moments that we create together, a long conversation with him, Im just realize that He's the one! The one who steal my life,my heart again! Damn it! 😱 He's the only one who can makes me forget everything about HIM, forget all my bad&sad story. &He always be there for me everytime I need. He always be my radio, my "pakar motivasi" , my hero and always lend his shoulder for me. He is my EVERYTHING ❤

Now and forever.
I dont want to know who He is, what He had done before.
Im just in love with him,the way He are now.
I hv a strong reason why I choose him rather than others.

The reason is because LOVE.
Thanks to him because give me a chance to feel the love again.

He is my everything. He is YOU. yes you, #AA26
May Allah ease everything..

Allah is the best planner. InsyaAllah..

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